First off ... WELCOME! We hope your team has an enjoyable experience at WMSL. We work hard to make that happen, and if there is ever anything that we can do, please contact the League office.

You can be an INDEPENDENT team or a CLUB team.
The only fee you pay is the appropriate TEAM FEE for that season. No other fees!
You can card through us or be carded through someone else. (There is an once a year carding fee if you card through us. See Carding With WMSL)
Under 6 plays in our In House League, all 8 games at WMSL
Under 7 and 8 can either play In House or KC Metro League
Under 9 and above play in KC Metro League, 4 Home games at WMSL and 4 Away

Fall 2014 Season - DATES TO REMEMBER
July 17 - Deadline for TEAM SIGNUP form and TEAM FEE for U7 and Above teams
August 7 - Deadline for Registration forms if your team is CARDING THROUGH WMSL
August 21 - Deadline for TEAM SIGNUP form and TEAM FEE for U6 teams
August 23/24 - First weekend of play for U7 and Above teams
September 6/7 - First weekend of play for U6 teams
November 1/2 - Last weekend of scheduled play



Rainout Hotline
Then 5, Then 7

Signup For 
on game and field status

WMSL Office
6022 N Antioch - Ste 2
Gladstone  MO  64119
FAX 816-459-8163
Tuesday 10 am to 3 pm
Thursday 3 to 6 pm

Field Complex
6201 NE Soccer Dr (76th St)
Kansas City  MO  64119