Sticky Back Lineup Cards
1. KC Metro League will provide peel-n-stick line up cards to all teams. 
2. Line up cards are to be completed as instructed at the top of each card. Players should be listed in shirt (jersey) number order with the full first and last name of each player.
3. The team name, team number and coach’s name must be the same as shown on the game schedule for that session.

It is the responsibility of each team to have a completed Lineup card to give to the referee prior to every game.

These are available at the League office, concession stand at the fields or the soccer ball hut at the fields.

These are available pre-printed where the team must hand write the information.

Blank sheets are also available at the league office. Using the excel template below you can fill out and print your lineup cards onto the blank sheets.
Click here for EXCEL template - CLICK HERE

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