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Hi, my name is Denise Davis and I am the referee assignor for WMSL. You can contact me using this email - 
Before the soccer season starts, you will need a basic uniform consisting of a yellow referee shirt, black shorts, black socks, black shoes, whistle, red and yellow cards, and a watch with a timer.

Using our new program, SCHEDULES will be emailed to you prior to the weekend

Make sure to use when sending in your availability.

All NEW referees to WMSL need to make sure that they have filled out a Ref Signup Form (click to go to form) and submitted it to make sure you get games.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I get trained to be a soccer referee?

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has two entry level training courses, Grade 8 and Grade 9. A Grade 9 referee is certified to do small sided games and Assistant Referee (AR) on games up to U14. A Grade 8 referee is certified to referee and AR all games up to U19.


Where do I find referee training classes?

Check here or on the State's link at


How do I get games?

Contact our League Referee Assignor. Email her at She will be able to take your information if you would like to referee for WMSL.


What does WMSL expect from me?

The league "hires" you to do a job for us. It should be approached by you no differently than any other job. You are expected to -

     Give your availability to our Assignor every week.

     Show up on time (report to the Soccer Ball Hut at least 1/2 hour before your first game).

     Inform the league if you cannot show up for a game.

     Wear the proper uniform.

     Act like you want to be there and give both teams their moneys worth.

     Maintain a courteous and professional manner, even if some around you are not.

     Fill out all paperwork (game cards, yellow/red card reports) completely and legibly and turn in promptly.


What uniform is required?

The basic uniform required of all referees is:

     Shorts (black referee shorts, not soccer shorts)

     Referee Jersey - TUCKED IN! (yellow with black stripes)

     Referee 3 stripe Socks

     Black shoes

     Current Badge (given upon the completion of the USSF training course)


What about other equipment?

Referees will also need a set of yellow/red cards, whistle, watch and a set of AR flags.


What else might I have to purchase?

The most common purchases are additional jerseys of different colors, because the referee must wear a different color jersey from the players. A bag to hold all of your gear is also nice.


Where do I get the uniform?

The WMSL league office stocks referee gear. Call 459-7543 for availability and prices.

What is the difference between the AR and the Center Ref? The Assistant Referee has responsibility to call offside, ball in and out of play, and assist the referee with fouls. The Center referee has full responsibility for the safety and flow of the game, and enforcement of all of the Laws of the Game.

What happens if I can't do a game? Let the assignor know as soon as possible. Things do come up, schedules change. However, it is not fair to the teams to have referees not show up for a match—and not fair to the assignor to not give them notice that you can’t make it.

What happens if I miss a foul or an offside? Nobody has ever called a "perfect game.” All that anyone can ask is that you do your best and continue to develop your skills. Matching the level of game with your experience and fitness level will help this process.

What about the screaming parents/coaches? It is unfortunate that some spectators/coaches get out of hand. Remember that there are many factors involved in their behavior—work problems, family problems, and life problems. Don’t take any criticism personally. Youth sports referees have an enormously high turnover rate—we all need to work together to remedy the problems with overly anxious spectators/coaches—and there are Zero Tolerance rules for the referee to deal with this situation if required.

What about weather cancellations? WMSL's weather hotline number is 913-599-9599 then 5 then 7. It is the referee’s responsibility to check for weather related problems. When make-up games are rescheduled, different referees may be used on the make-up game.

Do I need to have an email address? Yes. If it changes, make sure to let WMSL know.

How often should I check my email? During soccer season, especially when there are weather problems and lots of make-up games, you should check your email at least once each day.


What resources are available to me? First, ask other referees and the League Assignor. The State District Referee Administrator is Anthony Gardner, email him with questions.

What opportunities are there to referee? WMSL has a Spring and a Fall league. Games are played on weekends from 8 am to 5 pm. WMSL also hosts tournaments. Contact our Referee Assignor for more information.

What are the age requirements? 13 is set as the minimum age. A good rule of thumb is that the Center Referee should be at least 2 years older than the players. However, this will vary with referee experience and ability.


What are the fitness requirements? Fitness requirements do not come into play until Grade 8 referees upgrade to a Grade 7. However, it is incumbent upon the referee to be in shape for the level of game that they accept. Obviously, there are major differences between U-19 boys and U-10 girls. These include size of the field, duration of the match and pace of play. A wise person once said "Stay in shape to referee—don’t referee to stay in shape.”


How do I find the fields? Click on LEAGUE PLAY button for a link to our field layout.

Do I report the score of the game? Our U6 games do not keep score and there are no standings. However, you still must fill out and turn in a GAME CARD to the Soccer Ball Hut. All other games, the score is reported on the Game Card.

How do you know what games I do to get paid for? The Game Card is what we use to record referee games and to pay off of. Make sure that if you do a game you are on the game card legibly.

Can I do games with a friend or family member? That is up to the assignor. Parent/child assignments are common.


Is there a referee development program? WMSL will have some training prior to the start of each season. Beyond that, check with Anthony Gardner, the State DRA, to see if there is additional training.



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