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Carding with WMSL

All teams, Under 6 and above, must be CARDED to play in WMSL.
All teams will be carded USSSA.

Procedure -
Each SEASONAL YEAR (August 1 to July 31) your team must card. Teams that card in the Fall can play with those same cards in the Spring.
Every PLAYER needs a completed PLAYER MEMBERSHIP FORM 
If they are new to WMSL they will also need to supply a COPY OF THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATE (other acceptable documents = Registration of Birth (Hospital issued not acceptable), US Passport or Passport Card, Foreign Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Citizenship, Permanent Resident Card, US Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Issued by the Department of State)

Every coach, asst. coach, manager needs to fill out a COACH MEMBERSHIP FORM and complete a back ground check.

Carding Fees and Deadlines

Fall 2020 Carding Deadline for KC Metro League- AUGUST 14th In House deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st . 

The once a seasonal year carding fee is -
USSSA = $15
USSSA Dual = $15

USSSA = $15

If a team only cards with us (does not play league through us) there is an additional $100 fee